The attention you get from people when you own nice, pricey material things surprises me even to this day.

I mean, ever since I’ve started rolling around in a brand new, top-spec BMW i8, I’ve had strangers come up and ask me the craziest of questions...

This looks awesome... How can I get a car like that?

I must be doing the wrong job! What is YOUR occupation?

You look like you don’t worry about money at all! What’s your secret?

Most of them would have never thought that I’m a dedicated football investor or that I started my working life knocking on random doors selling roof insulation to earn a living.

At my ripe old age of 55, I don’t have the time to go through my entire life story every time someone questions me so I tend keep my answer sweet and simple.

In my opinion, this is ALL it takes to become successful in this short life of ours:

1. Be Ambitious

2. Be Realistic

That’s my philosophy of life.

Repeat these two concepts in your head over and over again as everything I will present to you from now on is based on it.

Be Ambitious, Be Realistic.

Now, I won’t just leave you with this jewel and walk off.

You’ve made an effort to get on this website and I'm assuming you didn't come here for a quick and easy way to owning an i8– you’ll be better off playing the lottery!

NO, I want to pull you in and bring you closer to my reality.

In order for you to understand the way I bet and what it would take for you to go from £50 to £50,000 in the shortest time possible, you need to understand where I’m coming from.

You need to really understand what it takes to be AMBITIOUS and REALISTIC at the same time.

Trust me, it’s easier said than done.

I’m not going to reveal my name to you today.

Privacy is priority for me since I’m essentially putting my whole life on the internet.

People in betting circles call me “The Creator” because I’m pretty good at coming up with new ideas and angles that nobody thinks off.

I’ll be using it as my pen name in all my correspondence.

Adopted as a 2-year-old, I grew up with my foster parents in Worthing.

Never really got on with them... I think they were just putting up with me because of the money they were getting.

I moved on to get my first place at the young age of 16.

This is when reality slapped me in the face for the first time- in the form of bills and taxes.

With no qualifications or experience, all I could get was a commission-only sales job working for a semi-dodgy door to door marketing company.

Against all odds, I stuck with them for the next 20 years selling everything from double glazing and insulation in the 80’s to cable TV and broadband internet when it first came out in the late 90s.

I quickly climbed up the ladder in their pseudo-Ponzi scheme.

It was perfect for someone as young and ambitious as myself who wanted to get away from the boring village life and become succesful - despite the foster upbringing.

I graduated to a team leader, then a manager and had my own office in Liverpool with 72 sales reps at the age of 32.

Sounds impressive right?

Well, it wasn’t.

Working on commission is stressful as hell.

Beginner sales reps would only earn 3-5% commission on every sale - which at times could be £5 - and sales were extremely hard to come by!

I’d knock on 500 doors a day and at least 450 of them would not answer or slam the door in my face.

Than you had the people that listened to your whole pitch just to say that they like your passion but hate the company you work for.

As a manager, I had to deal with very high employee turnover and desperate adults that at times wouldn’t have enough commission to pay their rent or feed their kids!

I would spend my earnings on nice suits and rental supercars to impress my subordinates whilst having no house or savings to show for it.

AMBITION kept pushing me but I wasn’t being REAL to myself. We were all slaving around to make someone else richer.

My second job was as a junior chef at a 4-star restaurant in Portsmouth.

This is when I first got a taste of what it’s like to have a regular, decent income.

I stopped dreaming about hot women and mansions in Spain and became accustomed to that boring, mainstream routine:

Wake up, Work (VERY HARD!), Eat, Watch TV and Sleep

Day in, day out.

This went on for a good 7 years.

That feeling of wanting more in life was killing me though.

Yes, it was nice to be financially stable and get a mortgage and get married and have two lovely kids but everytime I drove past the upscale £1 million apartments in Gunwharf Quays, I’d envy the business-minded people who took a risk and became really succesful.

The guys who didn’t let society stifle their ambition and took calculated steps to success withstanding the numerous hurdles on the way.

Anyways, I eventually quit my job as a chef and used the money my wife and I saved over the years to take over a local pub in 2005.

We have been running it as a couple ever since.

It’s still an independent pub and growing every year.

I have time to do what I want and chase my personal goals whilst providing for my family.

Most importantly, it’s also where I discovered my love for football betting.

People would come into my pub every Wednesday and weekends to follow the Premier League and boast (or complain) about their betting endeavours.

This got me really interested.

It just felt like betting is something I’d be really good at.

I could see the real potential of earning huge sums of money but at the same time, life taught me to have patience and break things down into small, achievable steps

Ambition alone won’t get you there.

If you are reading this, no doubt you have become frustrated by losing money with betting and have decided to look for proper help.

Well, to be totally honest with you, I’ve been where you are.

When I started off, I wasted a small fortune placing bets that never really had a chance of winning.

That I was placing on a whim rather than through any particular knowledge.

I even took a shine to the Goals Galore coupon, you know the one, pick 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 matches in which you think both teams will score and win a few thousand pounds.

It’s a nice thought isn’t it?

But, what REALLY is the likelihood of you selecting that many matches and them all coming in? Somebody once told me that it was at much greater odds than the bookies offer you anyway.

Anyway, there is always one that lets you down.

So I decided that rather than waste my cash any longer, I’d look into realistic ways that I could actually make a bit of extra money every week.

You see, if you adopt this attitude, the likelihood of success is much greater because you aren’t chasing that dream and betting with emotion and you don’t place that 20 team accumulator and cross your fingers!

I wanted to devise a methodical method of eliminating the teams and fixtures that let me down week in week out, and so I set about doing research.

Months and months of research at that!

I wanted to produce a formula that I could benefit from, and I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been easy, but after taking my modest bank to £50,000 last year, I confidently believe that I found the one.

I’m probably the only tipster online that combines everything (yes EVERYTHING) that points towards a winning bet and places the bet.

By the end of my selection and elimination stage I have TWO teams that have been analysed, crosschecked, scrutinized, tested, evaluated and re-analyzed through
12 separate filters.

That’s right, just 2 teams will be all that is required and there is no complicated formula for this bet, you will be simply backing both teams to win in a simple accumulator.

I continue to use this "12-layer-filter" method on a daily basis and I’ve made 3-4 figures every week.

Below are my personal results for last year. On some days, I didn't place a bet because there were no teams that bypassed my strict criteria.

I managed to hit my 50K goal within ONE football season and am hoping to take a couple people on the journey with me in 2016/2017.

Here are some of the criteria I look at before placing a bet:

The tips I’ll be giving you are based on this method of eliminating and selecting teams using
  • Expert opinion
  • Statistics
  • Form
  • Home Advantage
  • Team fitness
  • Past Results
  • Research
  • Head to Head
  • Newspaper Analysis
  • Insider Information
  • Odds Movement
  • Natural Intuition

If you are looking to make £20,000 every other month, then this probably isn’t the one for you, but if you are looking to make £100, £300, £500, £1,000+ every week, then you need to be placing my pinpoint accurate tips every morning.

You won’t be disappointed.

Suitable For Beginners and Experts Alike

Ultraprecise Selections @ 81% Strike Rate

My Entire 12-Layer-Filtering system which we use to come up with the selections

Independently Proven & Tested By Multiple Reviewers

100% Transparent Back Office Team

No More Than 1 Selection A Day

The Infamous 50to50K Staking Plan

You see, I could claim to have massive winning runs (I do) and I could say that the profits flow month after month (which they do) but you've only just heard about me and don't know me from Adam.

So I won’t do that

I also won’t type in some random stuff on Excel just to give you a spreadsheet with some fake betting results at an impossible strike rate.

I’m not here to sell thousands of memberships and become some famous tipster online. That’s not the aim here.

Forget the betting theory malarkey as you already get enough of that elsewhere.

I want to change your MINDSET.

We all start our betting careers with high hopes which quickly diminish when we realise that throwing money at half-baked assumptions doesn’t defeat the bookmaker.

Some people carry on pushing without investing the necessary time or making a clear strategy and becoming addicted gamblers.

We all know what happens next..

Others give up and settle for favourites, small stakes and steady money.

I’m sure that’s not why you started betting!

You started placing bets for the thrill; the excitement of hitting big numbers that you can brag about to your friends and family, not that occasional £10 profit here and there.

I’d like to show you an alternative approach that’s bang in the middle.

With my tips and incredible staking plan you can get to that £50,000 profit (or whatever your financial goals is) within a very realistic 6 month timeframe.

All you need to do to change your fortune from today is:

I hope the fact I have launched my service under professional management gives you the peace of mind that I take my football betting very seriously and wanted to prove that I have a unique, functional process in place before going live to the betting public.

I designed this service based on a waterproof system that should last for life!

I’ll make sure you get unparalleled selections based on real-time information hardly available anywhere else. It’s almost as if you have an unfair advantage over other bettors.

And I promise to make regular updates to my 12-step-filtering system so it only gets better and more profitable every day (this will be absolutely FREE of charge).

Right now, my strike rate is at 72% with average odds of 3.25 which is pretty amazing and WILL get even better!

  • So if you’re tired of wasting your time, money and energy finding losing ponies at the track
  • If you are demotivated by the unpredictability of football.
  • If you are frustrated with trying to figure everything out on your own..
  • If you’re not sure how to place your bets in a way that maximizes your winnings while minimizing your risk …
  • If you are looking to work with an everyday punter that understands what you’re going through and is willing to communicate in times of need.
  • If you want to work SMARTER - not HARDER - and see results..

Then you need to give me and £50to50K a GO!

The Creator